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Northern Virginia Residence – Richlite Exterior Paneling & Ventilated Facade

Apr 24, 2019

The design of a new freestanding single family house in McLean Virginia is informed by two specific site conditions. The site was formerly occupied by an existing structure built in 1953 by UVA professor Harry Ormston. The original house included a double height volume family room, a feature that allowed the house to optimize its solar orientation and one that the owners wished to retain. The second feature is a gently sloped and wooded setting that backs up to Langley Fork Park.

The design for the new house incorporates a double height volume as a "spatial citation" and organizes itself around the views to the wooded back yard. Computer simulations of the solar performance have demonstrated that the new house will self-shade in the summer months, and allow for winter sun to passively condition the family room.

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Custom Building Takes Off!

Apr 30, 2013

We have recently completed another new home in Northern Virginia. This custom home is the second home completed for the same Homeowner. This marvelous, quiet, contemporary home that replaced an aging home previously on the same site, was designed by Mark Sullenberger, AIA, of Custom Design Concepts.  It features a variety of natural interior and exterior materials that blend well with the wooded site.  Large windows take advantage of the natural setting and showcase stunning views of the Potomac River.

Beyond it’s good looks, the home features an advanced energy conservation system incorporating spray foam insulation at walls and ceilings, high efficiency heat pumps and an Energy Recovery Ventilation system for improved indoor air quality.  In addition to it’s energy conservation qualities, the spray foam insulation also quiets the air traffic sounds in the DC Metro area.  An exterior envelope that is quiet, efficient and comfortable is a triple bonus!

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