SugarOak Custom Process

Your purchase contract for a lot should include a 60 or 90-day “study period”. During the study period you should make sure the following questions are answered:

· What is the zoning of the property under contract?

· What are the side, rear and front setback restrictions under this zoning classification?

· Are there any restrictive covenants or title issues that will effect what you want to build?

· Where are the utilities? If electric, gas, cable and/or phone are not at the lot line, do easements exist to bring them to your lot?

· Does the lot have access to public water and sewer? Do easements exist? If yes, what are the tap fees? If “no”, you will need some answers regarding wells and septic fields.

· Is there any existing flood plain or RPA (Resource Protection Area) on your lot? Local jurisdictions have become much more restrictive in their interpretations of your rights within these areas.

· If your lot has significant slope, you may want to obtain field run topography, as most of the aerial topography at the different government jurisdictions is inaccurate.

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